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Cover imageInside study, we explain a book method for evaluating building heating demand considering an analytical method. Our aim is support incorporated building design by giving quick modeling with reliability near to compared to powerful simulations. A general parametric design encompassing general building design is suggested on the basis of the evaluation of heat transfer. The method is consequently placed on assess the home heating demand of a single-family residence in a cold French environment. Several polynomial functions are derived from the general model as features regarding the amounts of temperature transported by various systems and also the physical and geometric building variables. The model is identified with a small amount of powerful simulations utilizing the design of experiments. The model illustrates the way the weighting factors the different quantities of temperature are much greater in cool climates than in hot people. We display that creating heating demand may be precisely analyzed using the design variables of this evolved design. This evaluation highlights the potential of this approach for promoting building energy developers in the chosen energy-efficient solutions.


► We developed a parametric design for evaluating building temperature demand considering general building design. ► The levels of heat transported therefore the building design variables are paired through a few polynomial features. ► The model coefficients tend to be identified from dynamic simulations and utilising the design of experiments. ► The design permits an immediate assessment of effect of design solutions with precision near compared to dynamic simulations.


  • Building energy efficiency;
  • Building simulation;
  • Design of experiments;
  • Energy demand;
  • Low-energy structures;
  • General building design;
  • Parametric design;
  • Statistical model

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