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Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology

Journal of Civil Engineering, Science and tech (JCEST) is a biannual (April and September), open-access and peer-reviewed e-journal for publication of original articles of quality scientific studies and present study and advancements that significantly subscribe to the national and intercontinental Civil Engineering, Science and Technology community.

Aims and scope
It's of your greatest hope that various topics in JCEST can blend the attention of our visitors so your articles posted inside record can fundamentally encourage much more ground-breaking analysis and conclusions which can be posted JCEST.

JCEST welcomes manuscripts of original study that'll open up brand new endeavours to new areas and frontiers of scholarly researches inside topics include (however restricted to): Structural Engineering and Construction products, Highway and transport Engineering, Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering, Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, ecological Engineering and Waste control, Construction Management and Building Services as well as other appropriate municipal manufacturing places.

Journal of Civil Engineering, Science and Technology (JCEST) was first posted in August 2009, then known as UNIMAS e-Journal of Civil Engineering (UeJCE). It started initially to have its regular 2 dilemmas last year.

The diary initially were utilized as a platform to cultivate analysis cultures on the list of Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS educational staff and pupils. In a long run, it may advertise initial papers of a top scientific standard and enhances communication among academicians, engineers, scientists and specialists.

After 6 many years, UeJCE had been rebranded and transformed to JCEST in terms of quality and management to check out the guidelines of a great journal offer by Scopus Index and ISI Thompson Reuters. JCEST is listed in Bing Scholar and MyCite. Its goal of getting a Scopus Indexed log seems demonstrably attainable featuring its credibility and dedication from the Editorial Board to make usage of its Editorial plan centered on its Code of Ethics to ensure just quality manuscript will likely to be posted.

The suggestion of the log to your fellow academics, scientists and pupils will make this effort considerable. My appreciation and appreciation to your authors, reviewers and editors due to their dedication and excellent contribution towards making the JCEST profitable and offered.

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