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Procurement in Construction industry

Cover imageSustainable procurement isn't totally found in Canadian construction industry.

Environmental requirements get the importance in procurement.

Durability criteria tend to be seldom utilized in quote analysis, considering not enough resources.

The Canadian building business is within benefit of renewable procurement.

Procurement is a vital procedure in construction project management. The existing construction procurement techniques being commonly criticized for disregarding sustainability when you look at the task life cycle. At present, there is a gap of real information on status-quo of sustainable procurement in Canada. For that reason, the objective of this study will be review renewable procurement techniques in Canadian building business. A multi strategy study design had been found in this research by incorporating both qualitative and quantitative study techniques. Three study tools were used in study; particularly questionnaire studies, post on documents, and semi-structured interviews. Information triangulation was regularly combine the outcomes of all three research resources. The analysis revealed that lasting procurement initiatives have actually seldom already been used in the Canadian building industry. Limited durability initiatives are utilized when you look at the project procurement, while environmental durability requirements are given the prominence. Also a significant deficiency is observed in quote evaluation involving triple main point here of durability. A lot of construction industry respondents agreed that sustainable procurement is a lengthy due prerequisite and highlighted federal government laws as the primary motorist for sustainable procurement. This study will be the first rung on the ladder to advertise employing renewable procurement within the Canadian construction industry.


  • Canada;
  • Building industry;
  • Construction procurement;
  • Lasting procurement

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