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Building the most dangerous careers in the usa, and all people on the market share responsibility in bringing down threat into the women and men on highest risk. Our three-part series will talk about exactly how modern-day Materials Management™ is addressing building protection through reliability and paid down visibility.

Current OSHA statistics tell us that in 2013 the private building sector saw a complete of 828 fatalities, the greatest quantity since 2009. Of the 828, 724 resulted from falls, slips, and trips. Just 1/5 of those falls were from elevations above 30 feet; the rest were highly preventable accidents due to aspects many of us quickly ignore.

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For all projects, but specially huge industrial tasks with large laydown yards and a huge selection of concurrent tasks, we have to be cognizant associated with the security risks that are seemingly innocuous, like messy work places, or a crowded and ever-changing laydown yard.

With real-time material information in a mobile tablet, the huge benefits regarding productivity and reduced total of re-procurement are clear. Yet the decrease in protection danger is one thing less apparent, but far more crucial. There's nothing more valuable than real human life and benefit, therefore we at Jovix® are well conscious of how exactly we makes building less dangerous even as we develop and add to device functionality. When a technology can increase precision moreover it decreases threat for direct and indirect labor. More efficient procedures inherently reduce unnecessary re-work, which decreases risk exposure on the go. Reduced exposure on the go implies more than merely spending less time in possibly dangerous places; it also means higher productivity with less tiredness. Weakness is the root cause regarding the greater part of construction accidents and fatalities.

The second part of this series will explore fatigue in depth—the reasons, symptoms, and consequences—and will also concentrate on what we at Jovix are performing about any of it. Henry Ford famously stated: “Don’t look for fault. Discover a remedy.” We're performing our far better not just increase output, visibility, and collaboration, but to in addition do our part which will make building less dangerous. Accuracy saves resides.

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