Project for construction

Project on Construction of Building

The Hitchcock Center when it comes to Environment is taking the Living Building Challenge inside building of its world-class 9, 000 sq ft ecological knowledge center. Open to the public in the Fall of 2016, we aspire to be the very first “living” environmental education center in brand new England directly after we execute the 12-month overall performance review process for full Living Building official certification conducted by the International Living Future Institute auditors. We're going to want to satisfy 20 overall performance imperatives including net zero power and liquid, using nontoxic and locally sourced creating materials, keeping healthier indoor quality of air, completing a one-time carbon offset for construction, meeting the habitat trade requirement by placing an equal amount of land resulted in a permanent preservation constraint, and much more.

Today, we turn to the generosity of your neighborhood even as we continue steadily to fundraise those last vital bucks needed seriously to successfully complete our $6.7M Building for future years Venture. This consists of the $5.8M needed for our building and website and $900, 000 needed seriously to finish our review and for crucial outdoor discovering spaces, advanced audio-visual and educational gear, wheelchair available trails, and creating system displays and displays including an income Building digital dashboard.

Please assist us produce a robust brand-new discovering center that'll advertise imagination, observation, and innovative learning opportunities for folks thirsting for more knowledge, greater connection to nature, and pathways to a more restorative commitment with nature. Thank you.

To learn more about just how this magnificent new “building as educator” will deepen our ecological training programs for all many years, look at the links below.

Our Living Building Journey System

Fall Tour Dates
Wednesdays at 12pm – September 14, 28, October 19, November 16
Fridays at 4pm – September 23, October 7, November 4, December 2
Come satisfy our most recent educator – our building! It is designed to model systems in the wild, its net zero power, net zero water, has actually composting toilets, and has been created using responsibly sourced non-toxic products, come take a look at our bi-monthly trips. COMPLIMENTARY but please sign-up online (enrollment starts August 30th).

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