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Construction ManagementThe Construction control major ended up being designed with input from contractors and experts when you look at the building business. This means that the students meet up with the needs for this essential industry.

The building administration program is conceptually based, it requires students possess a solid knowledge of math and technology, company, architecture, engineering, liberal-arts and building technology, together with the interrelationships between these disciplines.

Many of these regions of research, coupled with summer time work experience in the building business, prepare students for basic opportunities inside building business. Graduates are capable of marketing and advertising, funding, computer applications and decision making, plus building businesses and processes in a number of company and industry settings.

Pupils and professors in the Construction control system during the University of Northern Iowa are proud of numerous components of our major. Course sizes tend to be little, which gives an environment in order to become a detailed knit team and build relationships with peers and faculty.

A particularly interesting element of the building administration program is the adjunct-professors, they provide united states the chance to study from experts who are active in the business every day. The Construction Management curriculum also provides us the opportunity to obtain a in Business Concepts or property with relative convenience.


The major targets regarding the building management system tend to be to build up pupils' : managerial understanding so that they can make sound choices and implement them on a wise financial foundation; specialized knowledge in neuro-scientific building; sense of professionalism and management to better the building business and culture; capabilities to believe and reason logically; person understanding, communication abilities and capabilities to work efficiently.

Student Quotes

  • "The construction administration system has actually a small grouping of men which are committed, hard-working, but also have fun doing it." - Chad Bartlett
  • "The construction administration program here at UNI provides a great family members atmosphere and also at the same time it gives the ability expected to have a successful profession in building industry." - Dan Shell
  • "the reason why I stumbled on UNI - the most important completely fit the idea of what I wished to be ready to do when I graduated. The mixture of business and building had been what I wanted." - Adam Hahn
  • "UNI's program features exposed the doors I've been knocking on." - M. Lange
  • "the tiny course size makes it much simpler to operate close and move on to know all the teachers." - Kyle Hansen
  • "The construction administration program is a good major that prepares you for a powerful work possibility." -
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