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What is Construction Technology?

System Purpose: pupils within the building Technology (CT) program will establish the knowledge-base essential to be employable in building business. Topics will include the critical assessment of established building requirements including rules, architectural design and project management. The educational outcomes should include the capacity to identify code-compliant building, interpret legal requirements, differentiate the use of technical language, analysis of plans and specifications, and study of task sequence.

Program Description: The CT program has actually two options; Building Inspection and Construction Management. The Building Inspection choice features an emphasis on signal explanation and project design. The Construction Management option has actually an emphasis on company management and task supervision. Students can enlist into someone course to develop a specific set of skills eg a license or business official certification, or finish a one-year vocational Certificate of Achievement level, or total a two-year Associate of Science level, or prepare for transfer to a university-level Bachelor of Science system. Ventura university CT students are ready for many construction-related jobs like self-employed contractors, building inspection, project developers, as well as other levels of direction. The CT system provides a lot of different programs to serve diverse pupil needs.

Something Construction Tech?


The Construction tech system is a vocational training program designed to prepare construction workers for entry-level, mid-management or advanced opportunities in areas such as for instance team foreman, certified specialist, building inspector, project superintendent or workplace administration. The Ventura College CT system is the one of the type and size between la and San Luis Obispo.

Ventura University Construction Technology:

The Construction tech system at Ventura university has ended 40 years of age. The program was created as a method to simply help educate and train builders and inspectors across the main California coast. The courses are designed for starting pupils also working specialists. Our emphasis is on assisting to train qualified construction supervisors and business craftsmen. There are 2 programs: Building Inspection and Construction control. Job opportunities both in fields are superb. Students can enroll into an individual course to be able to develop specialized skills, or finish a one-year certification of Achievement system, or full a two-year Associate of Science level.

Area Dean: Dr. Kathleen Schrader
Phone: (805) 289-6269
Workplace: MCW-313

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