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Building and Construction degree


What is the Building Construction plan at SLCC?

Pupils receive real hands-on and theoretical trained in erecting footings, foundations, tangible, framing woodworking, finish carpentry, case creating, construction administration and more. Office abilities such as for example person relations, written and dental communications, crucial reasoning and teamwork will also be addressed. Become familiar with marketable skills for faster task advancement in the construction business.

The Construction control program is tailored to provide pupils a variety of options while offering a number of level alternatives.

Connect of Used Science (AAS) Degree

This system is dedicated to teaching renewable construction techniques that address the building and energy preservation needs nowadays. It is made to provide students with an useful hands-on expertise in the areas of building, interior finishes and case creating, alongside task administration and business administration programs. Upon completion pupils should-be ready to take the company legislation and contractors exams for condition licensure.

Associate of Science (like) Degree

This program was designed to show building administration and building practices that address the building and energy conservation demands of today. The program provides student with an in-depth academic experience misconstruction management training. It is a building block toward a BS level in Construction Management or relevant industries.

Certification of Completion

This program is aimed at teaching sustainable building practices that address the building and energy preservation needs of today. Its designed to provide pupils with a practical hands-on experience with areas of building, inside finishes, pantry creating and wood working. It's built to be a building block toward the Construction control and lasting Building AAS level.

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