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Very important obligations of construction project administration may be the planning and scheduling of construction jobs. The answer to successful profit making in virtually any building business will be have successful jobs. For that reason, for many years, efforts have been made to plan, direct, and manage the many project activities to get optimum project performance. Because every building task is a distinctive undertaking, task managers must plan and set up their work using their knowledge about similar jobs and applying their judgment toward specific problems of existing project. Until just a few years ago, there clearly was no typically acknowledged formal procedure to assist in the handling of building jobs. Each task supervisor had a different sort of system, which usually included the use ofthe Gantt chart, or club chart. The bar chart was, whilst still being is, rather helpful for illustrating various components of work, their particular approximated time durations, and their positions when you look at the work schedule since the report time represented because of the bar chart. However, the connection that exists amongst the identified work things is by implication just. On tasks of every complexity, it is difficult, if not practically impossible, to determine the interrelationships amongst the work items, and there's no sign for the criticality of the various tasks in controlling the task period. A sample club chart for a construction task is shown in Fig
The development of the critical path technique (CPM) in the belated 1950s provided the foundation for a far more formal and systematic way of project administration. Vital course practices involve a visual screen (system diagram) of activities on a project and their interrelationships and an arithmetic treatment that identifies the relative need for each task into the overall task schedule. These processes have been used with significant success to project administration within the construction industry and many various other sectors, when used earnestly as powerful management resources. Also, they have offered a much- required foundation for carrying out a few of the other essential jobs of the building project manager, including resource scheduling, financial planning, and value control. Today’s construction manager just who ignores the employment of crucial course practices is disregarding a good and practical administration tool.

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