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Innovative Concrete Technology

making use of a combination of time-lapse footage, aerial photography and behind-the scenes action shots, the video “Reaching brand new Heights” papers the measures tangled up in constructing our tangible wind generator tower, positioned at MidAmerican Energy’s Adams wind farm in Adams County, Iowa.Mike McManus / company developing and Strategy / Siemens Wind Power / Onshore Americas

At any given time when the U.S. leads the entire world in wind power production, with wind making adequate power last year for 17.5 million American houses, Siemens is definitely trying to find revolutionary methods to lower the cost of wind energy and additional increase wind energy in the United States. We’ve already been dealing with of Boulder, Colo. on our patented tangible tower technology – conceived, designed, designed and constructed entirely in the United States. We manufactured the blades for turbine at our blade factory in Fort Madison, Iowa, additionally the concrete formwork ended up being sourced from EFCO Corp. in Diverses Moines.

The completed product allows the turbine blades sweep to 557 ft.we've circulated a video clip depicting the construction of the tangible wind turbine tower technology that is made to capture stronger winds at higher altitudes – resulting in more potential power production and enhanced project income for clients. Utilizing a variety of time-lapse footage, aerial photography and behind-the scenes activity shots, the video “Reaching brand new Heights” papers the actions involved in constructing our concrete wind turbine tower, located at MidAmerican Energy’s Adams wind farm in Adams County, Iowa. At 379 foot from floor to hub, than 100 foot bigger than turbines designed with steel towers. With blades extended, the turbine reaches a height of 557 feet, which makes it just a little taller compared to Washington Monument.

Read the video clip for a glance at how this innovative tangible tower technology is created:

The thing that makes this complex tower system so special could be the on-site match casting process. Rather than utilizing grout from the bones or providing various other special area treatments between tower areas, this match casting procedure permits each section of the tower to complement completely to its adjacent parts. With a watch towards cost savings for the clients, we cast the tower portions on-site – increasing the utilization of local labor and products and eliminating transport costs associated with off-site fabricated tower areas.

This concrete turbine – among 64 Siemens wind turbines functioning at MidAmerican Energy’s 154-megawatt Adams wind farm – acts to verify processes and will pave the way to full commercial applications for the tower, including future taller towers.

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