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Jorge HernandezConstruction Managers fill a number of functions within the construction task. They could be at work site or in work. Whatever their particular certain activity, they truly are definitely engaged in managing the increasingly complex and technical procedure for building. Basic positions include assistant estimator, assistant project supervisor and website engineer. With additional training and knowledge.

This Construction control connect's degree is suitable if you want to work with building administration corporations or as workplace employees for building companies.


Basic with connect's level: $32, 850
Basic level with bachelor's degree: $42, 900
Normal with experience: $72, 260
Senior Amount: $136, 670

From U.S. Department of work, Bureau of work Statistics, might 2005

Job Opportunities:

Building Supervisor
Field Engineer
Project Management
Services Management
Building Inspector
Property Assessor

Diane KirkGainful Job Information
View details about the program, including believed expense and occupations.

Technical Education Center (TEC), Area 1034, (630) 942-2592


  • Jorge HernandezConstruction Management

    "i can not stress adequate exactly how much university of DuPage has actually impacted my younger profession. The environment and pupil body have actually aided dramatically when you look at the change from twelfth grade to college. The teachers have already been remarkable, which will be probably the best part of my COD experience. If not for encouragement We received from the staff, I do not believe I would take the position in which i will be now. By using COD, I today know that time could be the only thing maintaining me from attaining our objectives."

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  • Diane KirkConstruction control

    "becoming a task manager inside building industry, you are like a conductor of a symphony. You have your HVAC over here, your carpenters over here, your electricians, your plumbing technicians. You need to get all of these men and women working together as a cohesive team."

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