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DAQRI_Smart_Helmet_Lifestyle_150_0001_ENRreadyInnovative organizations throughout the world would like to bring even more wearable technology to the job web site, by focussing on innovating existing gear. Typical assets to a construction employee such as the hard hat, safety vests as well as the tools they carry, are being infused with brand new capabilities.

The Hard Hat of the Future

Display visors on tough hats can dynamically project relevant information onto the surfaces of objects within the wearer’s area of sight. Picture thanks to Daqri.

Exactly like seat belts in automobiles, difficult hats have actually saved countless everyday lives and prevented more accidents. Despite having been with us for hundreds of years, the look featuresn’t altered in excess.

California-based company Daqri is transforming the standard hard-hat with higher level technology.

The Daqri Smart Helmet seems like a traditional hard hat but features a clear visor that will show 3D aesthetic overlays in wearer’s area of view.

A 360° wireless camera permits a complete view of worker’s environments. The system can perform a form of augmented reality, in which pictures is designed to appear dynamically on surfaces in the surrounding environment with drop down HD shows (similar to Google Glass).

The Smart Helmet had been designed primarily for professional strive to assist construction workers at work site. With an amount tag of some hundred bucks above a typical hard hat, it might probably continue to be reduced product for some time.

A Safer Security Vest

Security vests may quickly be capable of warn employees of nearing vehicles on building sites. Picture thanks to Virginia Engineers.

Security vests tend to be prevalent on jobsites, and technology organizations would like to infuse their innovations into standard equipment. Red Point Positioning happens to be utilizing GPS-enabled security vests to track worker places across crowded jobsites. Thus, employees within a geofenced jobsite may be found with the utmost precision, within 8 inches indeed.

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