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When you look at the Midwest, we talk a lot about our two periods: wintertime and building. Annually as soon as the snowfall begins to melt, lime cones begin lining our streets. Soon, the plows and company trucks are out in full-force. Though it are annoying being forced to navigate around hefty machinery through the morning commute, we-all understand the deadline—these teams of employees have only a finite length of time to get their particular projects finished ahead of the after that wintertime (that could actually October in a few areas).

At Arvig, the building period is normally our busiest season. As soon as the surface thaws our construction teams can start burying cable for brand new solution installations or even to increase our community into new areas. It’s likely you’ll see Arvig staff members, vehicles and gear around your neighborhood this season, so we’ve assembled a list of information you might find helpful whenever reaching our teams:

  1. Safety always comes first. In places where Arvig building groups are present, signs and cones are employed as an initial distinct security. This provides a warning for drivers to decrease and stay alert all over building site. All Arvig workers also use high-visual clothes to allow them to be easily spotted. As you drive by, decelerate and maintain your eyes on the road to make sure both you and our workers remain secure and safe.
  1. Gopher State One telephone call is our very first call. Before we dig, Gopher State One Call should be notified of a project. This company will act as a liaison between all energy providers and excavating organizations, and reaches off to these firms to limit problems to all or any current underground utility outlines. The utility businesses send-out representatives toward website to discover and mark their outlines to ensure we realize in which it's or isn’t okay to dig.
  1. Keep your animals penned up. If our team is in your lawn or near your house, please maintain your pets inside or penned up. We’re not as much afraid your pet will bite united states as we are concerned for protection. There’s a possibility your furry friend could be interested and wander over into a dangerous building location. We should prevent any accidents, so that it’s more straightforward to be safe while we’re near your premises.
  1. Your collaboration is critical. If we’re taking Arvig solutions to your house, it’s important to allow us determine if you've got any private resources hidden, such as for example sprinklers, hidden dog fences, additional power wire or water outlines, sewer lines, etc., to garages, sheds, outdoor lights, etc. It’s beneficial to own these details before we begin to dig to avoid harm to these services. Additionally, please provide a can-be-reached quantity, including a-work or cellular number, in case we now have any queries or problems.
  1. We promise we’ll cleanup. Depending on the variety of project we’re performing, things will often get messy. You can find scenarios where, for legal reasons, we need to dig in your lawn to mix your energy outlines properly, and now we often utilize big, hefty gear that can keep songs or ruts inside lawn. Regrettably, that’s just area of the job, so we try everything we can to reduce any harm to your gardening. Understand that it is only temporary; after we’re finished with the task we come-back with black soil and lawn seed, and repair any areas we disturbed.

A safe environment may be the no. 1 concern at Arvig. And so the the next time you’re near a construction area – whether our teams are on your property or you’re only operating by on your journey to work – stay vigilant, cautious and patient. The greater we work together, the smoother these projects goes.

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