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Structure of Construction Company

At Turner you won't simply develop buildings; you are going to develop a portfolio of skills and knowledge which will sustain your entire career. The job we do is collaborative, but we encourage that set huge targets yourself. We'll assist you to attain all of them. We understand that our success will depend on yours and we'll provide possibilities to help you develop and develop as you go forward.
This collaborative change is dependent on shared ideals. It's important to feel aligned with Turner's values. Kindly set aside a second to review Turner's: Turner’s core company is building, but our staff originates from a multitude of expert backgrounds. Turner is arranged into departments and/or regions of obligation. These departments cover the complete building procedure from the initial sale to pre-construction, building and project closeout.

The organization chart here reveals the basic framework of a business device. (mouse click for a larger view)

Most of the departments and functions are explained right here:

Business Development/Marketing
Business development/marketing division is responsible for:

  • Planning proposals in reaction to a needs for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Making formal presentations to proprietors
  • Understanding, negotiating and writing agreements for all projects

The preconstruction division that assists in pre-planning of projects and finding approaches to possible issues before construction starts. Some of the responsibilities consist of:

  • Logistics preparation, like website accessibility, product deliveries, short-term hoists, and elevators
  • Development of master schedules including product and manpower availability, local ordinances and web site circumstances
  • Constructability reviews
  • Phasing of work
  • Value engineering
    Help out with preparation of purchasing requisitions and subcontract contract reviews

The preconstruction staff works closely utilizing the project manager or task executive on project and with other divisions too.

The estimating department analyzes project programs and specifications to look for the overall estimated cost of a project. This department is skilled at both volume take-off and conceptual estimating. Estimators gain expertise in architectural, architectural, technical, electrical and civil work.
Estimators may take place with tasks throughout preconstruction and also into the building phase. Several of their particular duties feature:

  • Providing qualifications and written assumptions that may be discussed using architect or owner when reviewing our estimates
  • Developing a list for buying to utilize ahead of awarding work
  • Making certain our estimates are complete, when guaranteeing the cost of a project (GMP)
  • Thoroughly knowing the scope for the task
  • Assisting sales in securing new work
  • Establishing relationships with architects and designers in the neighborhood
  • Helping engineering in reviewing change purchases
  • Performing value engineering scientific studies
  • Performing constructability reviews


The buying division develops and maintains connections with subcontractors and manufacturers. This consists of assessing subcontractor skills and economic capabilities. The purchasing department typically prepares, negotiates and awards all subcontracts, and get sales.
Before construction, the purchasing department reviews contract drawings including drawings, specifications and special demands established because of the project manager or project manager. This department then determines the way the work should really be divided and bought in order to obtain competitive pricing. The buying supervisor should have good familiarity with industry destination, potential work or material shortages, and resources of each subcontractor.
The purchasing division in addition works closely with all the project superintendent and task professional and offers assistance for the span of the project by:

  • Evaluating monetary abilities of subcontractors
  • Maintaining current insurance certificates and gratification and payment bonds
  • Helping in expediting materials
  • Assisting in fixing subcontractor problems

The bookkeeping division processes all financial papers, including subcontractor invoices, payroll, expense reports, workplace G&A and owner invoices.
The bookkeeping department is responsible for the economic handling of the business device. On a project amount, this division does not get embroiled until a contract is signed. This department also works together with the cost division (financial settings) and purchasing division to make sure all sellers tend to be paid properly and insurance and bonds tend to be preserved current.

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