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PNA Construction Technologies

ITW Commercial building, North America has finished purchase of Atlanta-based PNA Construction Technologies, a knowledgeable and experienced industry frontrunner in supplying revolutionary systems and styles to guide the North American concrete flatwork industry. Bob Connell may be the new General Manager for PNA, in which he reports to Law Burks, Vice President and General Manager for ITW Commercial Construction, North America.

Structured is a standalone organization among the ITW CCNA group of companies, PNA signifies the Commercial Construction Division’s entry in to the pre-pour, cast-in-place concrete part in united states. At facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina and Bakersfield, California, PNA manufacturers proven systems assuring joint stability, combined protection, and continuity of surface profile for concrete floors and manufacturing paving. Including the Diamond Dowel® program, PD3 Basket® set up, and other economical methods.

Recently hired General Manager, Bob Connell, brings extensive knowledge towards organization’s top position. An ITW employee for over twenty years, Mr. Connell of late served as GM of ITW’s Asia Pacific Wet Concrete business where he developed and fostered development in Australia and New Zealand. He along with his wife recently relocated to Atlanta from Melbourne, Australian Continent.

“I have been tangled up in construction as a supplier, manufacturer and supplier, as well as a builder, for 25 many years, ” remarked Connell. “Ten of those many years had been especially in terms of tangible placement, concrete frameworks and concrete precast. I've another five years of experience with tangible floor, so I just like the challenge this position with PNA provides.”

Connell stated the change phase is almost completed after he assembled a team of current PNA administration and ITW veterans. With the brand new building season through the entire U.S. and Canada poised to begin with, Connell indicated his team has actually a number of objectives to realize in 2015.

“Our main targets will be to speed up the business development and production capability. We're investing in our two manufacturing facilities to increase output prices and lower lead times. We also want our facilities is best-in-class functions that may fully support the sales groups success on the go.”

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