Prestressed Concrete Tanks

Application of concrete in Construction

Cover imageWith regard to the technology for making aggregate of recycled cement from concrete obstructs, a great deal of study and studies have already been reported, and the standard requirements ended up being drafted by the Ministry of Construction of Japan in 1996. But has barely already been placed on real structures because of the large price for production.

The authors allow us a production means for recycled cement that's unlike that the draft. The recycled coarse aggregate is created by an easy assembled system of gear, and is combined with ordinary coarse aggregate to ensure the quality needed of structural cement. Inside analysis, faculties of strength, toughness, fire-resistant home, structural performance, and workability of recycled cement tend to be investigated. The mandatory information for developing a mix percentage design and a quality control method tend to be gotten. Furthermore, a production method for the recycled cement with no using a batching plant is proposed. Eventually, the business economics and environmental plenty of the evolved strategy tend to be assessed as well as its effectiveness is verified.


  • Aggregate;
  • Combination proportioning;
  • Recycled concrete;
  • Spend administration

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