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The cooling ceiling in a class of this Landesversicherungsanstalt Münster was broadened with vertically suspended extruded aluminum pages, which are filled with phase modification products (PCM).Phase change products (PCM) are employed just periodically in construction, although different services and products and methods happen available on the market for quite some time now. Within the research study PCM-Demo II, the practicality of PCM in temperature storage space systems for heating and domestic hot-water has become is tested and scientifically examined. The systems are designed into typically made use of buildings and their performance is examined.The modular temperature storage space system includes phase modification materials (PCM) and is sold underneath the brand Thermobatterie, and that can be incorporated into heating and heated water planning like a regular storage space system. within research project, various main temperature storage methods are now being examined that comprise solely of either PCM, or PCM in conjunction with liquid as the standard storage method.

Phase change products (PCMs) are only utilized sporadically in construction although numerous services and products and systems have-been in the marketplace for quite some time today. The PCM Demo II research project now is designed to ensure that you scientifically evaluate the practicality of PCMs in buildings. A sub-project is concentrating on PCMs in surface cooling systems. For this specific purpose, such systems are increasingly being included in commonly used structures and their particular overall performance is examined much more precisely.

The PCM lightweight storage of manufacturer Rubitherm is fitted with PCM storage plates. It had been developed for usage in air flow systems. Samples taken as part of the area test to analyze deterioration in hydraulic methods. Corrosion and anti-corrosion measures are increasingly being evaluated with a newly developed cellular corrosion sensor. The capillary pipe mats tend to be applied as a surface heating system on the exterior associated with facade. Adaptive heating system according to plug-and-play concept: exemplory instance of permanent hydraulic balancing using SmartAdapt.

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