Procurement System in construction

Cover imageThe selection and make use of of a suitable procurement system are foundational to to the success of a construction task. However, the procurement selection procedure involves the evaluation of complex and dynamic requirements including expense certainty, time certainty, speed, versatility, etc. Procurement selection is, consequently, affected with anxiety and vagueness that is tough to be represented by a generalized pair of rules. In reality, decisions in procurement choice are usually produced by intuition and past knowledge. Case-based thinking (CBR) is apparently an appropriate approach to meet with the requirements for the procurement selection procedure due to the value of experiential understanding. This report ratings the practicality and suitability of a CBR approach for procurement choice through the growth of a prototype case-based procurement advisory system. In this model system, procurement choice cases are represented by a couple of attributes elicited from experienced procurement specialists. The system is running on a fuzzy similarity retrieval device, gives a larger precision as compared to regular similarity retrieval procedure. The results suggest that the CBR approach can suitably model the traits of construction procurement selection, and supply an illustration of potential results to any evidently ideal procurement methods.


  • Construction procurement;
  • Procurement selection;
  • Case-based thinking;
  • Fuzzy similarity retrieval

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