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CONSTRUCTION? definition

Cover imageAn ontological approach for building program definition and verification is recommended.

The building planning understanding representation and thinking get.

Enable integrating program defining & checking processes and boosting automation amount

The strategy validity and limitations are talked about.

Building preparation is a fundamental and difficult procedure when you look at the administration and execution of building tasks. The job of building technical plans is critical to guaranteeing the success of a construction project. This of preparing a technical program is usually undertaken manually making use of two individual processes: (1) plan meaning and (2) verification/checking. This report introduces an ontological approach to offer the program definition and confirmation process. By using this method, the technical plans are modeled into program ontology in a layered modeling framework. The confirmation knowledge is modeled into ontology axioms and semantic rules. An instance instance is used to demonstrate the suggested approach for gap excavation. Besides, the proposed approach makes it possible for the compliance confirmation procedure is done in parallel with all the technical program definition. Thus, the programs' compliance are guaranteed through the project distribution process. The investigation provides a novel ontological and semantic method for reusing plans and their automatic confirmation in building, which can be semantically reasoned.


  • Construction technical plan;
  • Ontology;
  • Semantic modeling;
  • Verification

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