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The year 2015 had been a whirlwind for Building Robotics. Comfy had been showcased in New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Wired as a remedy to greater office comfort and output. We tripled our staff and quadrupled our quantity of, including our first intercontinental launch with Infosys in Asia. We observed people launch of long-awaited and resoundingly positive results from Comfy’s addition into the GSA Green Proving Ground system. We introduced our new companion ecosystem and created the to recognize admirable building operators, frontrunners and disruptors.

We are really excited to see just what 2016 brings, to the appearing world of workplace comfort technology, and the bigger community around us. Here are a few items that have us most excited about just what lies forward in 2016, and where we'll be establishing our places.

Our forecasts for 2016:

1. Structures becomes more people-centric

Over the last ten years, we've seen a remarkable reduction in the total amount of space allocated to each staff member, from about 250 sq ft in 2004 to 185 sq ft in 2014. That is leading workplace teams to pay attention to high quality over quantity- offering even more collaborative areas, much more versatile and adaptable areas, and more effortlessly handled spaces. At the same time, staff member objectives tend to be increasing continuously for much better technology in the workplace. Now, the tech world features finally swept up with your needs- technologies like Comfy are out and in the marketplace. We are seeing progressively building proprietors seeking to intelligent building technology to generally meet the demands of employees. We anticipate 2016 to bring a siesmic shift towards much better, people-centric, workplace tech.

2. Building IoT matures...way UP

The online world of Things just isn't a brand new concept in commercial buildings. Indeed, most building managers were on a regular basis using complex systems of detectors and controllers in commercial buildings a long time before Kevin Ashton popularized the IoT term in 1999.

The true pleasure lies in the current entry (or re-entrance) of tech leaders like Intel, Cisco, and Dell to the realm of smart structures. Inexpensive small embedded handling potato chips are leading a surge in curiosity about IoT for structures, and we also've already been excited to start partnering with these organizations, such as aided by the Intel processor we utilize for the Comfy portal box.

3. Interoperability can be essential

These days, most structures have actually siloed technologies that control and monitor HVAC, illumination, area usage plus. But the maturing of this intelligent building business means these stand-alone methods can be better connected via typical protocols, permitting an even more holistic and efficient method of services management. And, as a part of that movement, we are excited to carry +Comfy towards the dining table to make sure these interoperating systems work not merely for building providers, but for occupants and.

4. Green Buildings becomes Healthy Buildings

The continued growth of the WELL Building Standard as well as the residing Building Challenge a year ago are illustrative associated with the increased awareness of individual health in structures. We anticipate a continued focus on wellness metrics, increased focus on biophilia, and products transparency. With a larger aspire to enhance the tenant knowledge additionally the arrival associated with technological developments necessary to allow it to be possible, it really is most likely the focus on healthier and happier occupants we saw in 2015 will develop exponentially within the new-year.

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