ELIX MDC technology uses the

MDC Technology

To be accepted into any EnTec program, you must:

To be accepted into our Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology level, as well as finishing and application, you must:

  • Have actually finished MAC1105 and ENC1101 ahead of being accepted in to the senior amount establishment.
  • // AND
  • Have generated a co-employee in Arts or Associate of Science level from a regionally approved institution
  • // OR
  • Have finished a minimum of 60 credit hours with a collective class point average of 2.0 and the absolute minimum 2.5 class point average in every lower unit manufacturing technology core programs.

Is admitted into our Bachelor of Science in Ideas SystemsTechnology degree, besides doing and application, you need to:

  • Have actually completed at the least 60 credit hours with a collective grade point average of 2.0 and the very least 2.0 level point average throughout lower division technology core programs.

Note: Students accepted into a Bachelor's program must complete all lower unit (1000 and 2000 degree) prerequisite training just before being allowed to enroll in the upper unit (3000 and 4000 amount) training.

EnTec pupils embody the nature of human being inventiveness and tenacity. Enjoy a satisfying career as an engineer / computer technician as demand for productive ingenuity and trade-specific skills is growing. Highlighted in this region are the achievements and environment of students at EnTec. To share with you yours stories or projects, e-mail united states at entec@mdc.edu

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