10 amazing tech innovations in

Latest technology inventions 2014

best creation tech innovationThe most readily useful inventions of 2014 feature wise contact lensesCC

If true, this might obviously mean there have been even more technological developments in 2014 than just about any other year.

With many to choose from, IBTimes UNITED KINGDOM has actually cherry-picked a high ten technology innovations of 2014, detailing our favourite inventions, breakthroughs and game-changing gadgets through the past 12 months.

Mind-reading and memory recording MRI scan

1st previously commercial mind scan for the intended purpose of recording ideas and memories for future playback occurred in September. The inaugural patient of Millenium Magnetic Technologies (MMT) thought recording technology had been pc software designer Anthony Broussard from Houston Tx, which paid around £1, 200 to have their memories maintained.

mind reading MRIA US-based neurotechnology startup became the initial company to commercialise the recording and storing of human thoughtsCC

"some individuals call-it thought recognition but it's essentially head reading, " Donald Marks, president and chief technology officer of MMT, told IBTimes UK. "The visual reconstruction (of ideas) is sorts of crude right now although data is positively truth be told there and it'll get better, it is simply a case of sophistication.

"That information is stored - once you've recorded that information it really is indeed there forever. In the future we will have the ability to reconstruct the information we've definitely better."

Google smart lensSmart contact lenses

The smart lens includes potato chips and sensors "how big sparkle" to monitor blood sugar levelsGoogle

"understandably, rips are hard to get and learn, " the Google designers stated. "At Bing X, we wondered if miniaturised electronics - think: chips and sensors so small they appear like items of sparkle, and an antenna slimmer than a human locks - may be an approach to crack the secret of tear sugar and measure it with higher accuracy."

a digital camera that will capture the movement of light

The STAMP digital camera is able to capture the activity of light at over 4 trillion frames per secondGetty Images

speed of light cameraThe Sequentially Timed All-optical Mapping Photography (STAMP) camera is really fast that it could capture the activity of light.

"High-speed photography is a robust device for studying fast characteristics in photochemistry, spintronics, phononics, fluidics and plasma physics, " the researchers stated.

Invisibility cloaks made up of laser-stitching

A fresh way of generating "metamaterials" on a sizable scale could pave the way in which for cloaking devicesCC

Utilizing an unfocussed laser light to stitch particles of silver together, the scientists created a material that reflected light through inverse refraction, making objects included in it appear hidden.

Like countless technology in this industry, the cloaking device is probably to find its very first programs within the military.

Printable, bendable electric batteries

Long-lasting, flexible and rechargeable battery packs manufactured by Imprint Energy might be used in "weird elements of the body like your eye"Imprint power

invisible nanoparticles valev imprint power versatile battery pack solar power screen quantum dot smartglasses blind google impact challenge

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