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Buildings Sector


Buildings consume almost half of all energy produced in america

In line with the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the Building Sector uses almost half (47.6per cent) of energy manufactured in the United States*. Seventy-five % (74.9%) of the many electrical energy produced in the U.S. is employed just to run structures. Globally, these percentages tend to be even greater.

Buildings have the effect of nearly half of US CO2 emissions

The building sector had been responsible for nearly one half (44.6per cent) of U.S. CO2 emissions this year. In comparison, transportation taken into account 34.3per cent of CO2 emissions and industry just 21.1percent.

International Climate Change

The latest Overseas Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth evaluation Report confirms the necessity for instant and sustained activity on environment modification, detailing just how near we are to a switching part of the earth’s climate system. The underlying summary associated with report is the fact that the time has arrived to take the steps needed to protect livable circumstances on the planet: as fast as possible, we ought to stop burning up fossil fuels, targeting a total phase-out by around 2050.

One crucial way to do this is always to decrease and eventually stage from CO2 emissions from the building industry by transforming the way structures are designed, built, and operated.

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