Sport Fields Construction

Fields Construction

Recsports Ricci Family areas upgrade Featured ImageIn preparation for the building for the three synthetic grass areas, help building, and sand volleyball courts being scheduled become finished in summer time of 2017, Riehle areas 1 & 2 and sand volleyball process of law next to Stepan Center are currently under building and unavailable to be used. The project will involve a phased excavation regarding the website and drilling of approximately 679 geothermal wells. View here to see maps for the project’s three stages.

This task is funded in as a result of a $5 million gift into University of Notre Dame by Kenn and Pamela Ricci. The fields, located adjacent to Stepan Center and to be called Ricci Family areas, will be utilized by the Notre Dame marching musical organization as a rehearsal field. When not being used because of the musical organization, Ricci Family areas are utilized by RecSports for Intramural and Club Sports techniques and competitions.

Riehle Fields 3 & 4 will continue to be available for Intramural Sports and Club Sports through November 3, 2016. Also, The LaBar application elaborate, western Quad, and sand volleyball courts on campus will play host to Intramural and Club Sports techniques and tournaments. Riehle Field 3 will go offline November 4.

Sand volleyball courts are for sale to open entertainment play you should definitely reserved for Intramural competition.

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