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Cover imagePerformance-based design utilizing nonlinear pushover analysis, which generally speaking requires tiresome and intensive computational energy, is an extremely iterative process had a need to satisfy designer-specified and signal needs. This paper provides a very good computer-based technique that incorporates pushover evaluation and numerical optimization treatments to automate the pushover drift overall performance design of reinforced concrete (RC) buildings. Metal reinforcement, as compared with tangible products, appears to be the greater economical material, which can be effectively accustomed control drift beyond the event of first yielding and supply the needed ductility of RC building frameworks. Inside research, metallic support ratios are taken as design variables during the design optimization process. Making use of the principle of digital work, the nonlinear inelastic seismic drift reactions produced by the pushover analysis could be explicitly expressed when it comes to factor design variables. An optimality criteria strategy is provided inside report for solving the explicit performance-based seismic design optimization issue for RC structures. Two building frame instances tend to be presented to show the effectiveness and practicality for the proposed optimal design technique.


  • Performance-based design;
  • Pushover analysis;
  • Digital work;
  • Vinyl hinge;
  • Architectural optimization design;
  • Optimality criteria strategy

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