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Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies

Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies, Inc. manufacturers the AECT Small Block Press within AECT Factory in San Antonio, Texas. AECT is the only business in the field to create this AECT Small Block Press for testing/marketing of compressed planet block employed for full-load bearing, masonry construction block. This small block hit tests the grounds over the same pressures and moisture ranges employed by the AECT compressed earth prevent devices.

General explanation: the tiny Block Press is sold to AECT customers in two hand-made wooden storage/transport bins. The little Block Press works over a pressure number of 1000 to 6000 weight per square inches. The press creates a-1 inch by 2.5 inches by 3.5 ins planet block or cement/earth block or fly ash/earth block. The hit was created to provide a one-quarter scale size block of typical AECT compressed planet block (10 inches x 14 ins x 4 inches) created by the AECT automated 480 block hourly, compressed planet block device. The Small Block Press is available in two parts.Earth Block building Each part weights about 50-60 pounds for an overall total weight of approximately 115 pounds such as the body weight of this wooden boxes.

One area comprises of the AECT machined press frame set up with hydraulic force ram/press plate assembly and high-pressure line quick connect/disconnect within the the top of installation. Three other elements make up this part: (1) the steel press plate (detachable), (2) the metallic ejection dish (detachable) and (3) the steel mold (detachable) for holding/aligning the earth that will be pressed. Each one of these elements plus the hit framework set up have close tolerances and fit and large accuracy. That accuracy together with training that AECT provides customers regarding the AECT Small Block Press are very important to regulate the little block evaluation procedure for uniformity of compression of grounds, to reduce damage to the Press Assembly, and reduce damage/injury toward Users as a result of not attending to during operation.

The other part consists of the hand operated force pump construction with a 1000 to 6000 psi liquid filled force meter, a pressure-relief (on.off) price, and a 6000 psi rated hydraulic hose pipe with fast disconnect couplings on both ends.

The AECT Small Block Press is not difficult to make use of and provides an individual with very important information pertaining to the block strength characteristics and stop making capability of soils in both area and laboratory conditions. Trained in it’s use and attention only takes 1-2 hours. Learning collecting representative soil examples, preparing soils for screening and examination of grounds, and interpreting the results takes 5-6 hours. AECT trains purchasers by having all of them encounter different grounds so that the buyer can determine how to best test their grounds independently and realistically.

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