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Innovative Construction technologies

R_111018_N232_webviewSundt reaches the forefront of new technologies and methods which can be revolutionizing building. A continued dedication to innovation is part of your business culture, and the thing that makes us one of the nation’s most leading edge contractors.


BIM is a high-tech replacement for construction drawings on paper. Using multi-dimensional computer system models, task teams identify and resolve construction dilemmas inside design period as opposed to during building (when you look at the summit room in place of the field).


Sundt features followed an innovative computer system technology in the jobsite called the ROCK system, which represents Remote workplace Construction Kit. These durable tablet PCs enable task personnel to view and handle the whole group of task papers in the field in an easy-to-navigate electronic format.

Parametric Estimating

a project team’s capacity to maximize the worthiness and quality of your building is highest through the earliest stages of planning and design. Therefore, comprehending the expense (the fifth measurement associated with the model) ramifications each and every design choice is essential to adding value during the preconstruction procedure also to your building over its lifecycle.

A BIM image familiar with build the 7th Street Bridge task in Fort Worth,  Tx. Sundt is a recognized expert in applying BIM to horizontal building jobs. ROCK

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