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Architectural Construction Technology

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614-104 Architectural Record

Assessment architectural record from prehistory through modern times. Identify varieties of structure. Evaluate structures and frameworks within the context of time, religion, politics, culture, business economics, technology, therefore the actual environment. Make sketches to produce design skills and examine significant historic buildings.

614-107 Intro to Drafting

Develop basic design skills. Utilize hand sketching and Sketchup software to effectively communicate architectural ideas also to solve architectural problems. Understand architectural drafting conventions while you learn to navigate and understand building working drawings. Commence to explore a number of construction kinds and products.

614-110 Architectural AutoCAD

This course will introduce you to AutoCAD software. Building Documents for a tiny domestic building tend to be taught according to neighborhood industry standards. Emphasis is put on using the standard AutoCAD commands while learning simple-construction practices.

801-136 English Composition 1

This course is designed for students to produce understanding and skills in all respects of this writing process. Planning, arranging, writing, editing and revising are applied through multiple tasks. Pupils will evaluate audience and function, utilize components of study, and format papers making use of standard instructions. People will build up critical reading abilities through evaluation of varied written papers.

801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm

Practice the required skills for effective speech distribution, listening, assertiveness, conflict quality, teamwork and basic social communication.

804-114 College Specialized Mathematics 1B

This course is an extension of College Specialized Mathematics 1A. Topics feature: measurement methods; computational geometry; right and oblique triangle trigonometry; and trigonometric functions in the product group. Emphasis will undoubtedly be on application of abilities to technical dilemmas.

304-129 Sales & Pro Develop

Learn standard selling maxims, including offering maxims and techniques, prospecting, presentation, and account servicing. Be involved in field trips to regional businesses in research of capabilities and interests. Begin building a vocation profile, resume writing and interview abilities.

614-131 Residential REVIT

This course will introduce you to Revit's architectural computer software while drawing a domestic task. A code search is determined with all the task. Emphasis is put on making use of BIM - Building Information Modeling - pc software to make a construction group of drawings.

614-135 Building Technology

system trainer, Patrick SeitzReceive valuable hands-on building experience with a variety of materials at different phases of construction from rough framing to finish carpentry. Take building procedures and sequences. Know more about the actual properties of creating products and construction practices.

614-138 Structural Concepts

This course researches the essential structural ideas and axioms for structures also structures. Learn includes Structural CAD drafting for domestic and commercial structures. Wood tables tend to be introduced for residential framing. Foundation plan and details are drawn for a commercial building. Student will determine simple architectural engineering dilemmas.

614-149 Products and Methods

Architectural pupils will find out building language and mechanical systems as applied to commercial and domestic services.

804-116 College Specialized Math 2

Discover vectors, trigonometric functions and their graphs, identities, exponential and logarithmic features and equations, radical equations, equations with rational exponents, dimension of a group, velocity, sine and cosine graphs, complex figures in polar and rectangular type, trigonometric equations, conic sections and analysis of statistical information. Focus will be regarding the application of skills to technical dilemmas.

304-126 ID/Arch Internship 1

Gain significant work-related experience while working in the interior design or architecture field while in guidance of a WCTC instructor. Concentrate on technical ability competencies and critical life skills through discussion for the abilities, knowledge, and dilemmas encountered on the job.

304-128 Design Presentation

Develop methods and abilities needed to finish fast inside sketches, shading, perspective, and image embellishments in several mediums for use in presentations to customers. Subjects should include: ramifications of interior lighting effects; example strategies; rendering media and technical design.

614-128 Architectural Design Elements

Gain a fundamental knowledge of the look elements and processes taking part in residential and commercial building, including site planning, conceptual design, space and purpose connections, expense preparation, and scale modeling. Explore the procedures and treatments for resolving design issues.

614-132 Commercial AutoCAD

Advanced AutoCAD commands are used while performing a little commercial building. On-site area measuring, report room, stairs, nationwide CAD Standards (NCS) way of industry standardization, Excel spreadsheet, and interfacing digital photography with AutoCAD are integrated.

614-134 Architectural Building Codes

Examine and interpret the different standards and building codes used in residential and commercial building with a target those that connect with the architectural control in Wisconsin.

614-165 Building Estimating

This course will introduce you to basics in calculating building construction price. Numerous pictures are acclimatized to help clarify the written text while focusing construction language, plan reading, standard rule requirements, and great construction techniques.

806-143 College Physics 1

Learn the programs and theory of standard physics concepts. Focus is positioned on problem resolving, laboratory research and programs. Topics include laboratory security, product conversion rates and analysis, kinematics, characteristics, work, power, power, temperature and heat.

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