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Choose Nudura tangible wall surface systems to construct green and green residential homes and commercial buildings.NUDURA® Insulated tangible Forms (ICF) provide design professionals, architects, property owners, and technicians a far more efficient solution to build tangible houses and commercial ICF frameworks. Building with NUDURA incorporated Building tech allows concrete domiciles and commercial structures is more powerful, even more energy saving, convenient, and more eco-friendly. NUDURA in addition provides significant green building advantages and it is pleased to donate to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and ecological Design) system.

Leading the way in environmental design, NUDURA gives you an innovative option for the building envelope:

- NUDURA® kinds are produced from EPS. NUDURA’s unique folding web site design is constructed from 100% recycled polypropylene and metal.

- NUDURA® kinds provide a structure constructed with tangible, the most durable building products, resulting in buildings that stay the test of time. Building with NUDURA now offers maximum security in high wind places because of its large influence weight.

- NUDURA’s unique technical type design produces less waste during the construction process, sending less waste to the landfills. *All waste is 100per cent recyclable.

- NUDURA types are laboratory tested and will not help mold growth.

- NUDURA® kinds considerably lessen the number of carbon emissions, due to the frameworks' high-energy effectiveness amounts, decreasing the number of fossil fuels needed for heating and cooling.

- NUDURA removes atmosphere gaps, minimizing the potential formation of mildew development and draft routes. The outcome is an airtight construction that enables building technical systems to warm, cool and ventilate the dwelling more proficiently, producing a more healthful living and working environment for building occupants.

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