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Construction Technology Degrees

washDo you imagine becoming a frontrunner into the construction industry? SUNY Delhi's hands-on curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities supply you with the resources you will need to jump start your job as a leader into the biggest industry in the United States.

System Overview

The Associate of used Science (A.A.S) level system in Construction tech is supposed to prepare future construction professionals in several areas of a. The program variations on all facets of construction from domestic to commercial to hefty building. The program's roots achieve returning to 1933 when the first post-secondary construction program in america of America began at Delhi. Professors attempt to produce next business frontrunners, planning them for the difficulties and responsibilities that the business keeps. SUNY Delhi offers one of the few 2+2 level options around, letting you finish very first couple of years with a co-employee degree and a choice to enter into a Bachelor of tech system in Construction control: Design and Building. The Construction Management B.T. is a superb opportunity to continue your knowledge when you look at the building industry, furthering your employment opportunities. Extraordinary towards Construction Management plan is its complete semester internship necessity.

The A.A.S. curriculum offers business special courses including:

  • Ecological Systems
  • Law & getting
  • Building Estimating
  • Construction Materials
  • Wood Frame Construction
  • Household Car Cad
  • Commercial Detailing
  • Building Surveying
  • Concrete & Masonry Building
  • Commercial Building Systems
  • Website Protection Control
  • Statics & Strengths of Materials

General Education & company courses eg Economics, Accounting, English, Public Speaking, Physics and Mathematics are an element of the Construction Technology curriculum.

The Area

The building business is among the country's largest, offering over 8.3 million jobs through the country. The next represents only a sampling of a few of the career options available to SUNY Delhi pupils after the conclusion of the degree.

Career Paths:

  • Project Management
  • Venture Engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • Superintendent
  • Website Representative
  • Estimator
  • Surveyor
  • Consultant
  • General Contractor
  • Business Owner
  • Product Sales Agent

Student Achievement, Scholarships, and Prizes 2013-14

1. ASC Heavy/Civil Competition: 2nd Place

2. ASC Design/Build Competition: third Destination

3. MOLES Scholarships: 2 students @ $ 5, 000 each

4. MOLES Award: 1 student @ $ 1, 000

5. AGC National Scholarship: 1 pupil @ $ 2, 500

6. AGC/ New York Scholarships: 5 students @ $ 2, 500 every

7. Delaware County Assoc. of Town Highway Superintendents: 2 students @ $ 750 each

8. ABC: Assoc. Building technicians associated with the Triple Cities: 2 pupils @ $ 750 each

9. Merrill Family Foundation Scholarships: 6 pupils @ $ 2, 500 average

Graduate Employment Information


  • 100per cent of graduates presently in the building business
  • 63per cent proceeded their particular education after Delhi AAS


  • 70per cent of graduates currently in the Construction Industry
  • 50percent proceeded their particular education after Delhi AAS


  • 80per cent of graduates currently doing work in the Construction business
  • 80per cent proceeded their training after Delhi AAS

Construction Technology AAS (CT) People Entering Construction Control (BT) Bachelor Progam:

  • 98% of CT pupils successful obtaining internship since start of BT in 2007
  • 98percent of CT students found or surpassed expectations in BT Internship
  • 94% of companies claimed they would employ another SUNY Delhi Construction Intern

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