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Low cost Construction Technology

Low price Construction Technology does not always mean that construction will likely be with inexpensive high quality materials . Scientific techniques will likely to be accustomed reduce steadily the usage of cement in building of Wall and Plastering. Staying all work like Flooring, Kitchen Platform, Wiring and Plumbing will undoubtedly be with top quality materials . But we have to use our good sense to maximum level for Selection / Purchasing of Material for Flooring and Construction of wall surface right through the nearest Resource without having any broker/ provider.

Building Cost of Independent homes & high-rise building is within rate of Rs 740/= to Rs 920/Sft. This means cost of building a house having 1000Sft Plinth area can be constructed by investing only Rs 7.4 Lakhs to Rs 9.2Lakhs. In accordance with the location of Construction Materials and Construction Technologies can be chosen. Kindly read my solution about" low-cost Construction tech " to understand the materials for sale in Our nation for Eco-Friendly cheap Building Construction. Image of products, Place of availability and process of building is well-explained because. Electrical energy usage is 45% less within these building as you don't have of ac unit during the summer. We can remain easily through the use of Ceiling Fan. If anybody is having question about Eco-Friendly cheap Building Construction, kindly raise the concern . I am able to respond to it / show the buildings constructed with exact same technology from 1995.

Specification of work and information on products because of this building.

(1) RCC Foundation, Columns and Roof like any various other building .

(2)Foundation of wall & Basement with rock masonry.

(3) Construction of wall with some of the materials given just below to cut back the Consumption of Cement .

(4) Flooring Glazed Terracotta Clay tiles, Tandur Stones in Telangana, Shahabad Stones in Maharashtra near Telangana Border, Mosaic Flooring simply by using rock Chips in every colours from Rayalcheruvu near Tadipatri in Anathapur region of Andhrapradesh. Ceramic Tiles, Granamite Tiles Vetrified Tiles from Spartek Tiles factory in Thirupathi / RAK Ceramics in Samalkot and Regency Tiles in Yanam in Andhra Ppradesh. Maharashtra and Gujarat is having even more Tiles manufacturing organization . Green colour Mosaic stone chips are available only in Baroda. Kota rock of 40mm to 50mm thick may be used for building of Wall, Roof and Flooring . materials are available all over the country, but how the most useful technology to-be followed for making use of these sources to construct Our Eco-Friendly Strong home is with respect to the the talent of Engineers along with other competent manpower in construction field. In Madhyapradesh, Odisaa & Chatisgarh many people will begin making bricks in their land before Starting the construction of the House, since they are Highly Skilled in Construction Field.

Let us start thinking about Eco-Friendly Construction Technology, that will maybe not pollute the atmosphere.

(A) Terracotta Hollow obstructs of size 450mm x 300mm x 200mm.

This Hollow Terracotta Blocks will consume just 22 kg Cement for One Cum of solid brick wall construction.

Outdoors & Inside vie of Wall built simply by using Terracotta Hollow
Blocks of dimensions given below

( B) Size 500mm x 350mm x 200mm for 200mm thick wall surface

(C ) Size 500mm x 350mm x 200mm for 200mm thick wall

( D )Size 750mm x 450mm x 100mm for 100mm thick interior wall.

( E ) Interlocking Mud Bricks

This bricks needed concrete only where in fact the wall touching a Pillar and anchoring with another wall surface.continuing to be area concrete is not needed . No need of burning these bricks in Kiln.Only we need to hold these bricks in a shade to dry for 3 to 5 times.

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