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Building Construction Activities

Types of Play: Building and Constructing with teenagersConstruction play involves manipulating one or numerous elements of the play environment to construct some thing brand-new. This could include all kinds of construction methods – stacking, assembling, disassembling, sorting or moulding, to name a few.

Building play develops various types of skills and behaviours;

  • The real skills essential to manipulate and control the plumped for toy or product
  • Problem resolving skills
  • The capacity to plan the application of products to see a design concept come to be possible
  • The ability to test tips
  • Perseverance when confronted with construction difficulties
  • When working with others, team work behaviours essential to successfully and collaboratively complete a task collectively

Putting together a train trackMost commonly whenever we think of building play, we think of foundations or other commercial building sets but building play also contains;

  • Building cubby houses
  • Box building with recycled materials
  • Creating sand castles
  • Making with playdough
  • Woodworking
  • Sewing
  • Knitting

Here are a few easy methods to increase your child’s construction play experiences;

  • Add a selection of open ended materials towards child’s block play (or any other building units) – pieces of plastic, pieces of material, balls of wool, tiny tiles, shells, bottle tops, lengths of ribbon, planks of timber, stones.
  • Include innovative materials when constructing with boxes as well as other recycled materials – popsticks, buttons, googly eyes, sequence, sequins, thought tipped pens, tape, stapler, cotton wool, paint.
  • Incorporating open-ended products to playdough play – matchsticks, popsticks, patty pans, lengths of curling ribbon, googly eyes, buttons, sequins.
  • Teach preschoolers and primary school elderly kiddies to finger knit.
  • Purchase a bag of lumber off slices plus some powerful glue as an introduction to woodworking. As time passes, include a tiny handsaw, fingernails and son or daughter sized hammer.
  • Develop cubbies from sheets, seats, milk crates, big bins, paint, hay bales, tyres, lengths of bamboo or dowel.
  • Set preschool elderly young ones ‘tasks’ which need them to the office together to build up co-operative and language abilities.

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