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Cover imageDetermination of the very most significant kinds of construction waste.

Tracking the origins of waste streams from different components.

Identification of construction waste by kind and waste categories.

Boosting estimation accuracy through quantities of detail and specialists’ knowledge.

Construction and demolition waste is a significant way to obtain urban solid waste, regularly accounting for 10–30percent associated with the total waste discarded at landfills in many urban centers around the globe. There was a recognized need certainly to manage the construction waste to maintain a sustainable environment. The successful implementation of construction waste administration is determined by a number of facets. One critical aspect could be the have to accurately calculate waste produced from building projects. Within respect, this paper proposes a quantitative building waste estimation design for creating construction jobs, which could boost the reliability within the estimation of building waste on project amount. When you look at the growth of this design, a theoretical analysis of the building procedure as well as the building waste generation procedure was performed. Particularly, this model combines the mass stability concept, work description structure, material quantity takeoff, transformation ratios between various waste dimension devices, therefore the wastage amounts of different products used in different work bundles. The proposed model has the capacity to predict the levels of types of construction waste from a building task, to trace the origin of construction waste (i.e., from which work package a specific types of waste is produced and just how much) also to assist contractors research the possibility improvements for waste management. An illustrative example is supplied to demonstrate the application of this quantitative construction waste estimation model.


  • Building waste estimation;
  • Mass balance principle;
  • Work breakdown construction;
  • Material movement evaluation;
  • Wastage level

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