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Building Construction Procedures

Cover imagePublic building task spending plans account fully for a top portion of yearly federal government spending plans. Therefore, objectively determining task budgets is of priority concern for effortlessly allocating these spending plans by federal government officers. However, Taiwanese laws for establishing building task budgets just qualitatively describe the governmental administration process. Without a systematic quantitative strategy, federal government officers typically determine task spending plans according to their individual experience; therefore, budgeting results could be unreliable. This study provides a novel process of determining construction task spending plans. The proposed treatment combines an analytical hierarchy process (AHP)-based multi-criteria evaluation model with a simulation-based cost design. The AHP reflects officer evaluations with respect to budget determination criteria. Price products tend to be factors. The fee design makes a cumulative cost circulation for setting up task budget boundaries. The merits regarding the proposed process tend to be demonstrated through its application to a Taiwanese project.


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