Building Construction Program

Building Construction Program

Construction websiteThis program was designed to provide on the job experience with building construction utilising the newest resources and types of building. Basic and advanced courses tend to be featured as well as “in the industry” work experiences to give you the relevant skills you will need to enter this original profession area.

Hammers, fingernails, and timber. Cement, metal, and glass… the fundamental elements at any construction work. South Suburban College’s Building Construction tech system offers you the precise abilities to put it-all together.

Preparation for technical occupations in building construction, including general specialist, carpenter, and mason and industry manager. The program includes both classroom and laboratory training, focusing products, techniques and procedures. This system happens to be articulated with a few area large schools. Recent highschool students might have attained credit in this program through highschool training.

Exactly what will we find out in course?

In South Suburban College’s Building Construction tech system, you’ll understand the fundamentals of construction and also the management abilities necessary to supervise a project from just starting to end.

You’ll obtain valuable knowledge playing our hands-on task: building a residence within our big building technology workshop.

You’ll in addition work in the area, through an one-of-a-kind task building brand new energy saving houses in the South Suburban university community. Participation inside unique project provides you with a wide range of experience in plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work. Most useful however, you’ll accept college credit.

Our Construction tech system is continually updated to mirror existing strategies, equipment and technology. Classes include Electrical and Mechanical methods, cost estimating, project direction and administration, drafting, and practices in lumber, masonry, and hands-on classes in carpentry, masonry plumbing, and electric.

What's the employment outlook?

After doing South Suburban College’s Building Construction Technology system, you’ll discover a complete spectral range of job options for sale in the areas to build construction.

It-all results in an amazing quantity of experience-that means respected qualifications with regards to’s time and energy to seek work. However, if you’re already used in construction, our program offers you the data it takes getting that advertising or raise.

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