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INCLINE 2As part of Timberline’s ongoing dedication to assist our community and to get everybody else to “Come Alive Outside” we have been specially pleased with our trail construction endeavors. As our populace grows, therefore does the interest in less crowded open spaces and tracks that enable united states to enjoy all that residing Colorado has to offer.

Past Works Include:

  • Mason Trail
  • Ute Pass Trail
  • Black Woodland Local Park
  • Ute Valley Park Trail Fix
  • Red Rock Canyon Open Space Trail Repair
  • University Park Trail Repair

Project Scope Like:

  • Retaining Wall Space
  • Bridge Construction
  • Drainage and Erosion Control Steps
  • Erosion Mitigation
  • Fix Work

“Count on Timberline Landscaping to go the extra mile…”

“With the Manitou Incline, Timberline Landscaping ended up being up against an overwhelming hurdle. Like all tasks Timberline assumes, they considered innovative approaches to get over the challenges that were tossed at them. Finishing the job on time as well as on spending plan, the public had been astonished at the way the path was able to retain its special character throughout construction and still provide the heart beating experience it had prior to. I could rely on Timberline gardening to go the extra mile to ensure the merchandise they delivered ended up being a high quality and top-notch. I'm Sure whenever Timberline Landscaping has the opportunity to work on our jobs, the finished project will exceed all expectations.”

~Sarah Bryarly, City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Providers Division

“Professional and outstanding”

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