Construction, Working and

Construction, Working

Over on the SketchUp user discussion forums at SketchUcation, there’s a lengthy and interesting thread about utilizing LayOut for construction and working drawings. In some means, it is become a philosophical discussion in what constitutes a “construction drawing” (because of the improvements in 3D technology and rendering) – SketchUp modelers will never be afraid to dig deeply into these things. Some of us have already been after the discussion closely, therefore we think visitors of this blog might want to find out about it, also.

Several caveats before making the leap:

  • Since the thread has been choosing over annually, many people’s views are based on the type of LayOut that they were using at the time of their particular post, such as the Beta version. Kindly pay attention to the day of the post also its content.
  • The SCF are superb simply because they appeal to SketchUp professionals and novices alike, while the members are a talented and enthusiastic lot. As such, you’ll see a healthy discussion and, occasionally, strongly-worded remarks. SCF contributors tend to be our biggest supporters in addition to our many outspoken experts.

Note: If you’re not currently a SketchUcation user, you’ll wish sign up to get access to every one of the example images and data.

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