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project-managementMDC® brings a unique perspective to Project Management and Construction asking, whether in one part of consulting, or complete project/program administration supervision offering because the Owner’s Representative.

Our viewpoint originates from our significant experience analyzing and solving building project conflicts for many tasks plus in many areas. Our experience at analyzing and assessing ‘problem projects’ provides our team at MDC® a keen insight into areas where jobs get wrong. We make use of that understanding and experience in acknowledging the telltale signs and symptoms of trouble and steer jobs away from dilemmas a long time before they loom in the immediate horizon.

Employing the tools described in our Front End Planning, such as cash flow modeling, risk assessment and analyses and project benchmarking, along with contract and scope reviews and master schedule development, MDC® leverages our collective experience on multiple projects throughout the world in a predictive manner to optimize your program or project’s execution. MDC® proudly serves the with over 45 years of working understanding in building dispute resolution realm. Four decades of experience makes it possible for us to spot nearly every possible way in which a project can go astray – from accidents to absentee workers to lack of cash. This wealth of experience with analyzing the outcome of jobs allows us to to optimize the inputs to attain the desired outcome.

MDC® safeguards clients’ passions through the manufacturing and building procedure. We efficiently manage jobs from conception through close-out by implementing task administration manages made to identify the crucial project elements, measure the execution options, optimize the project distribution and monitor the on-going task distribution. Each service given just below can be supplied on a specific system or task collectively or separately.

Fundamental Venture Control Techniques tend to be:

  • Crucial Course Process (CPM) Scheduling, Monitoring & Control
  • Scope Definition & Change Control
  • Cost Estimating

Extra providers feature:

  • Design (Peer) Evaluation & Bid Packing
  • Value Engineering/Life Pattern Costing
  • Contract Assessment and Management
  • Contract Compliance and Auditing
  • Constructability Evaluation
  • Commissioning, Testing & Maintenance
  • Move-In & Start-Up
  • Shutdown/Turnaround
  • Project Close-Out
  • Claims Avoidance/Analysis

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