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: the act or process of creating some thing (including a residence or roadway)
  • Construction of this brand-new bridge will start within the spring.
  • Building on connection will take place daily from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
  • The newest school is under construction. [=is now-being built]
— often made use of before another noun
  • Construction costs/equipment/materials
  • They haven't chosen a Construction web site the building however. [=they haven't decided where building will likely to be built yet]
b : the business enterprise to build things (particularly houses or roadways)
  • “where do you turn for an income?” “i am in construction.” [=I do work which involves building things]
  • the Construction industry
2 [noncount] : how one thing is created or made
  • Note the comparable Construction regarding the structures.
  • I like these binoculars for their sturdy building. [=because they're strongly built]
[count] : the way words in a sentence or phrase tend to be organized
  • Many people believe that it is incorrect to finish a phrase with a preposition, nevertheless Construction is quite common in English.
  • That verb is commonly utilized in passive buildings.
  • This term is employed in positive/negative constructions.
4 [noncount] : the process of organizing tips or thoughts into a brand new principle, statement, etc.
  • His ideas were crucial inside building of an alternative way to understand some time room.
[count] formal : an easy method of understanding anything
  • Don't place a negative building on what I stated: [=don't know very well what I said in an adverse method]
  • a broad/strict Construction [=interpretation] associated with Constitution

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