Unprecedented building boom at

UMass Construction

GIS Actice Project Viewer

The picture as a whole

Our interactive map of present university building

Our interactive chart will assist you to view major building, remodelling, utility work, and vehicle and pedestrian detours presently on university.

Simply clicking the picture below will open the map in an innovative new web browser screen or tab. Once you've exposed the chart, by simply clicking any of the task things or places, you'll find a web link to a brief information associated with task and around schedule of work. Some task house windows might also integrate backlinks to further information and/or graphic displays.

Please be aware: smaller upkeep projects and projects with relatively quick building schedules may not be noticeable. If you are interested in details about a project it doesn't appear on the chart, please, so we'll do our far better allow you to.

F&CS Public Service Announcements

Our PSAs are going to be back regarding air Monday mornings on WMUA - 91.1FM throughout the regular educational year to help keep the campus informed about major tasks, disruptions and advancements. For a taste of what exactly is to come, into last statement from your own "Face designed for Radio" (MP3).

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