New Building technology

New Building Technology

umass amherst design building insideBig modifications are going on near the Studio Arts Building and around parking lot 62 (where we park my automobile). Surface should be damaged soon when it comes to Design Building, a new four-story, 87, 000-square foot building. The building will house three academic divisions from three different colleges: Landscape Architecture and local Planning from College of personal and Behavioral Sciences; the Department of Architecture from university of Humanities and Fine Arts; as well as the Building Construction Technology program from CNS. The full total cost of the building is $52 million; its planned to start in January 2017.

umass amherst design building outsideAn interesting and important aspect regarding the Design Building is the fact that it exemplifies the university’s dedication to sustainable and innovative design. The building will also serve as a demonstration of the latest and innovative wood construction technologies, including wall space created from cross-laminated timber panels. These panels, that are several ins thick, are produced from alternating layers of timber. The outcomes tend to be an incredibly strong, durable, and lightweight construction that is in addition flexible: similar panels, topped by a 4-inch concrete slab, will form the floors.

The exterior regarding the building should be a glazed curtain wall system and an aluminum panel rain-screen system. The two-story building will contain typical places, studios, classrooms, fabrication, and materials-testing shops and workplaces. A lot of the building will feature polished tangible flooring and exposed structural deck and beams.

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