Electrical Construction Technology

OSUIT is one of only some universities available an associate at work degree in Electrical Construction Technology, an industry where employment is in popular.

The Associate in used Science in Construction Technologies-Electrical will prepare you to work with every area regarding the electric business, whether you’re selecting a profession available, domestic or commercial area; as an electrician or electric signal inspector; or performing design or estimations.

The curved knowledge and training obtained into the Electrical Construction Technology program gives students freedom and option as it pertains time for you get a hold of a job. Those that make their degree can work as an apprentice for a power specialist, a design and manufacturing assistant at an engineering company, a maintenance electrician for a manufacturing plant or gain knowledge as a journeyman electrician who are able to advance to a electrical specialist.

“The curriculum is specifically designed around industry needs to prepare well-rounded apprentices. We have hired several of the program’s graduates.

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