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We have been in a golden chronilogical age of building technology, with brand-new advances made each day in how we build our contemporary marvels. About building technology, we often consider computers, drones, 3D scanners, BIM areas also high-tech electronics.

By definition technology is actually the applied usage of knowledge for useful usage. We make use of something, we learn about how it functions, therefore we make modifications in an extended variety of iterations once the device becomes closer and closer to perfect for the task available. We see this occur at some slack neck rate in pc software, in which virtually when we become accustomed to one-way of doing things, a unique, quicker or simpler method is introduced.

To raised understand the improvements of building technology let’s hammer on to a brief history of 1 of the most common items of construction technology - The Hammer.

Hammer 1.0 - The Rock Age

1st utilization of hammers probably goes to 2.6 million BC whenever rocks of varied shapes were used to split and contour stone, bone and timber to create new resources. The easy rock resources lacked handles and had been basically merely heavy, happily formed rocks that have been suitable form for grasping and banging. During this period, the power for harder stones to break gentler rocks allowed some modification into tools, according to if they had been to be utilized to crack nuts, or break the marrow from bones.

Hammer 2.0 - Getting a Handle on Things

It took around 2 million years when it comes to launch of hammer 2.0, whenever pieces of leather or sinew were used to add wooden or bone manages to your rock minds. This innovation was at widespread use by 30, 000 BC.

Irrespective of the removal of the user’s fingers from part of effect and steering clear of the familiar purple flash, a handle remains the most crucial update on hammer since it permits a big amplification of force and speed towards head. Users acquainted with making use of modern-day framing hammers and sledge hammers understand the multiplier in place right here. The longer the handle, the more force is delivered within point of effect.

The biggest problem utilizing the brand-new manages had been the tendency for bindings to split or become free, causing heads to virtually “fly from the handle”. The brand new magnification of force in addition permitted people to operate a vehicle adequate power towards stone mind your hammer stone itself would shatter and break.

Hammer 3.0 - The Bronze Age

Throughout the bronze age, around 3000 BC, the capacity to contour smooth metals permitted another advance in hammers. By shaping the top regarding the hammer with a hole in the middle, labeled as a watch, tapered wood manages could be slid in to the hammer. This made hammers more durable through the elimination of bindings. While bronze wasn't as tough as rock, the newest bronze heads would dent instead of break.

The bronze age, additionally saw a two new uses for hammers. Since bronze cannot be hardened by home heating, it needed to be worked by over and over striking the steel with a hammer. This technique would ultimately grow into the process of blacksmithing. In addition, the very first material nails appeared in ancient Egypt.

Hammer 4.0 - Forging and Iron Operating


Sometime around 1500 BC, the Anatolian Hittites started smelting and forging iron. For 300 years after their particular kingdom folded, very little historic record exists of any culture actively forging metal. In 1200 BC, however, iron forging exploded across the understood world. Given iron’s power versus bronze, cultures that developed this technology could rapidly conquer their particular bronze clad opponents, as metal resources and weapons made fast work of bronze shields and armor.

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