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Information Technology in Construction

CIB logo designCIB W78 25th Overseas meeting on Information Technology in Construction

The institution of Construction for the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad de Talca-Chile is hosting the future 25th Global Workshop by CIB W78 Computer built-in Construction at Marriott Hotel in Santiago de Chile from July 15 to 17. The workshop is co-organized because of the Construction Engineering and control system of the Department of Civil and ecological Engineering while the Center for incorporated center Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University . The workshop theme is “Improving the construction handling of tasks through IT adoption”. This motif acknowledges the many technological breakthroughs in building IT which have been achieved in the last two decades hence are presented at many prior W78 workshops. It acknowledges sustained adoption and utilization of IT-based work processes as an important present challenge and possibility. Scientists, academicians and professionals into the Built Environment are asked to submit papers on the best way to motivate, foster, and promote research and development into the application of integrated IT for the life-cycle of the design, building and occupancy of structures and related facilities. The abstracts and reports is evaluated by the intercontinental clinical W78 workshop committee.

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