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Precast Construction Technology

Precast is a good way to develop virtually any structures, properly and affordably. Originally created into the Nordic countries, modular precast is just one of the world’s most frequent and resource-efficient methods to develop. It ensures quicker building times, greater profitability and better quality. Still, needs for breathtaking, modern buildings aren't affected.

Precast – a good building strategy

Precast is an industrialized solution to build. This means transfer of work from internet sites to factories. This improves productivity and quality and shortens building time of a building. In a nutshell, precast cement reduces total construction costs quite a bit.

Precast even offers reduced lifetime expenses than any various other building option. It is possible because consistent quality of industrially created items. Precast minimizes e.g. structural and facade maintenance needs during years.

With precast, logistics requirements tend to be minimal. Precast floors, walls, frames and fundamentals are transported to a construction website ready-to-install. Logistics is arranged in just one distribution car rather than a number of natural product transfers backwards and forwards.

All products for an entire building

Precast suits well for types of building: domestic, commercial, professional, general public among others. There's an appropriate solution for both indoor and outside production. The wise match are present for different capabilities, end product and work needs. Precast could be converted to any shape or shade and finished with several practices. This along with longer covers offers architects also designers even more freedom than in the past.

Precast can be utilized once the only building product, but it can aswell be along with steel or perhaps utilized as a composite construction just. Use of precast in a building depends largely on local building traditions and limitations.

The most frequent precast items are:
• Façades from sandwich to cladding and gray walls
• Floors with hollow-core, one half, ribbed or solid slabs
• Partition and inner wall space from Acotec to solid wall space
• Foundations with precast tangible piles
• Frames with e.g. beams, columns, slabs, etc.
• Stairs, shafts alongside special items

Much more resource-efficient and flexible than cast-in-situ

When compared with cast-in-situ, precast uses less of every little thing – less cement, less liquid, less metal, much less labor. It produces less waste on the internet site plus the factory. This makes CO2 footprint of precast a lot smaller than in cast-in-situ construction.

Precast provides a less dangerous and healthy working environment. Material managing is simpler much less scaffolding will become necessary. Precast technology works in practically all conditions – cold, hot, wet or dry. Concrete hardens on site essentially throughout every season, in temperatures from -15 to +40°C. To avoid too fast or sluggish solidifying much more hot, moist or dried out climates, a few healing and concrete blending solutions could be used.

High quality in precast

As an industrially produced creating material, precast is definitely of best quality. In production of precast, chosen raw materials are utilized following carefully designed production process. The controlled environment makes it possible for real time monitoring and easy alterations. The end result is completely treated, done and prepared. While precast comes only more difficult during many years, it doesn’t burn, melt, or rot. Quality precast doesn't breed any harmful microbes, often.

Elematic offers all precast production technologies necessary for almost any creating construction. As a customer, you obtain an access on entire understanding system pertaining to precast. We are able to

• Seek advice from you in financial investment and manufacturing need meaning including precast product detailing,
• Train you in precast wall surface and floor design in Precast Academy
• Make optional factory definitions predicated on your project range and financial investment level
• Take care of the complete manufacturing plant or single-line distribution and set-up

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