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Planning of building Construction

Blacksburg Motor businessThe Planning and Building division acts the citizens of Blacksburg with preparation and building requirements, from the conception and preparing stages of a project through building and last inspections. The department provides long-range comprehensive preparation policies, breakdown of development programs, creating construction permits and inspections, and enforces the Zoning Ordinance plus the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

Through relationship aided by the neighborhood, the look and Building division strives to control growth and promote the greatest quality of development by articulating town eyesight; offering information and innovative tips considering sound preparation, building and manufacturing techniques and explaining and enforcing laws. For more information, please call 540-961-1126.

Building Security

The Building security Division gets construction programs for review to ensure conformance along with State building rules and town ordinances, and processes and dilemmas licenses for construction. Besides, staff inspects all construction tasks for compliance with building codes and approved plans; conducts all final inspections and issues certificates of occupancy. The Building and Safety Division responds to citizen complaints and concerns; provides liaison with neighborhood designers; while offering training on building rule dilemmas. To find out more, please phone 540- 961-1125.

Comprehensive Preparing

Blacksburg 2046 may be the city’s Comprehensive Plan that provides a 40-year vision for development and development in the Town of Blacksburg. Blacksburg 2046 provides a perspective beyond existing events and functions as a guide to guage current development proposals. Staff is constantly exploring and reviewing issues and population trends influencing present and future land use, along with the well being and high requirements set by city residents. Blacksburg 2046 articulates city guidelines, objectives, objectives, and activities strategies to be implemented that'll make Blacksburg a particular spot.

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