Construction industry data

Cover imageExisting works for Big information Analytics/Engineering when you look at the construction industry are discussed.

It really is highlighted that the use of Big information is however at nascent stage

Opportunities to use Big Data technologies in construction sub-domains tend to be highlighted.

Future works well with Big Data technologies tend to be presented.

Pitfalls of Big Data technologies when you look at the construction industry are also pointed out.

The capability to process considerable amounts of data and extract helpful ideas from information features revolutionised culture. This phenomenon—dubbed as Big Data—has applications for an extensive variety of industries, including the building business. The construction industry currently handles big volumes of heterogeneous information; which is likely to boost exponentially as technologies including sensor companies and online of Things are commoditised. In this paper, we provide an in depth study regarding the literary works, examining the application of huge information techniques in the building business. We evaluated related works published within the databases of American Association of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and Elsevier Science Direct Digital Library. Whilst the application of data analytics in the construction industry isn't new, the adoption of Big information technologies within industry remains at a nascent stage and lags the broad uptake of those technologies various other areas. On best of your knowledge, there clearly was at this time no extensive study of Big information techniques in the framework associated with the construction industry. This report fills the void and provides a wide-ranging interdisciplinary report about literary works of areas such as statistics, data mining and warehousing, machine discovering, and Big information Analytics into the context of this building industry. We discuss the ongoing state of adoption of Big information within the construction industry and discuss the future potential of these technologies over the several domain-specific sub-areas associated with the building industry. We in addition suggest open problems and guidelines for future work alongside possible issues associated with Big information adoption on the market.


  • Huge Data Engineering;
  • Big Data Analytics;
  • Construction industry;
  • Machine discovering

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