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New Technologies in Construction Materials

He told Al-Monitor that materials are expensive and tough to obtain. “The way construction materials are entering Gaza is unfair. For example, a cement product is worth 27 shekels [$6.70] for affected people, but just how are they likely to afford its price whenever their particular domiciles tend to be damaged? Furthermore, the unit cost exceeds 150 shekels [$37.50] for typical residents [not affected by the war], which increases the price of building businesses, ” he explained.

The pushing needs of Gazans has inspired innovators to build up solutions through available resources. Three consecutive Israeli conflicts within the last few six years have devastated the Gaza Strip, of late the war in July that ruined or destroyed a lot more than 84, 000 homes.

Engineer Imad al-Khalidi might have discovered a short-term means to fix help alleviate the decreased building products, prevented by Israel from going into the Gaza Strip. In 2008, he started initially to conduct experiments on normal products to be used in building in place of concrete, and succeeded in producing a new strategy.

Khalidi, an earth expert in natural architecture, stated your search for choices had been centered on materials within Gaza. “We wanted to use local products alternatively, to save ourselves and provide the displaced with shelters, as nearly 5, 000 housing products were damaged in the 2008-2009 war. We examined a lot of different soil in Gaza, and discovered the right type rich in all-natural welding materials, particularly potassium carbonate, magnesium, material oxides, limestone and sand, ” he explained.

He pointed out that the natural products he found act like concrete in its different stages, but they are more solid and may last centuries.

Khalidi explained the method: “We create a homogeneous combination by carrying out a soil therapy through stress, that we add welding normal products particularly potassium carbonate, floor limestone powder and a small volume of gypsum, to make a preliminary coherent product in the brick manufacturing. Yet, the strong cohesion begins after its utilized and will continue to solidify since way back when, also to solidify a large number of times more than its preliminary form. This Means the brick progressively hardens with time, and has unique qualities.”

Khalidi created in 2009 his very own exclusive factory to create neighborhood bricks in various sizes. At first, he created equipment managed manually, then he produced hydraulic equipment. “We have actually developed, and now we are now actually just depending on automatic stress methods. As some donor institutions demanded services to allow for those affected by the wars, the work has increased within our factory with a production capacity reaching to 50, 000 bricks per day, ” he said.

Khalidi said that after he developed their brand new item, he started working in little workshops, as there is too little oil and electricity. But these days, he owns another factory. “We allow us a method to be able to produce bricks without the need for just about any variety of power, using the same materials and launching some improvements in order for we are able to get over the energy crisis, ” he added.

Although the material that the stone is produced is solid, Khalidi feels that it cannot consist of an alternative for standard materials. The long blockade has prevented the reconstruction of destroyed homes, not to mention the natural population increase in the Gaza Strip, which, according to Khalidi, requires 80, 000 housing units to be built over the next five years.

an almost finished housing task by Ammar history, northern Gaza Strip, Nov. 15, 2014. (Picture by: Ammar History)

“The considerable devastation in Gaza is followed closely by a new and great challenge, specifically the provision of shelters. There would be about 3, 000 trucks loaded with construction products into the Gaza Strip each day, just in case there is certainly a significant might to rebuild. Because of this, we are presently using this new technique simply to help provide shelters, ” Khalidi stated.

Khalidi features held the purchase price exactly like concrete for residents looking to build homes, while upping the purchase price for commercial jobs. “The cost per square meter ranges between $350 and $400 for ready-to-move-in exclusive construction tasks, and between $150 and $160 per square meter for protection jobs. As for the ordinary people whom did not experience any damages [to their particular houses] and would like to develop their residence, you will be charged them $220 [per square meter], the same cost as cement.”

Safwat Mushtaha, president of Mushtaha and Hassouna Co., a building organization in Gaza, stated that today's technology might help in light associated with the shortage of old-fashioned construction products due to the Israeli blockade.

Mushtaha informed Al-Monitor that by using the brand-new item, “the people who own destroyed houses helps you to save 25percent of the original price of the building process with standard materials.”

While Khalidi’s product is yet another example of Gazans checking out revolutionary solutions to help deal with the crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade, it is no replacement for the need to end the siege.

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