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Constructech mag known as OxBlue to its 2016 Constructech 50 report on “most influential businesses whoever technologies provide the construction industry.”

ATLANTA, August 16, 2016 – Citing OxBlue Corporation’s vision and constant innovation in construction camera services, Constructech magazine named OxBlue to its 2016 Constructech 50 set of “most influential organizations whose technologies serve the construction industry.”

“Celebrating 15 years, OxBlue is building its product line, brand and client base — and has now built an innovative new headquarters to foster staff member collaboration, ” said Peggy Smedly, Editorial Director of Constructech mag. “The organization is get yourself ready for tomorrow by building the next generation of building technology.”

Since its founding, OxBlue “has proceeded to develop its software, equipment and technical services, ” remarked Laura Ebony, publisher, Constructech magazine, noting, including, OxBlue’s:

  • 2015 launch of an innovative new 24-megapixel building camera
  • Improved software abilities
  • Brand new real time video clip on demand services
  • High quality customer support
- Peggy Smedly, Constructech Editorial Director

“OxBlue’s addition in the prestigious Constructech 50 listing is an expression of your business’s pledge to give increased value to the clients by providing continually enhanced building digital cameras, resources and solutions, ” stated Chandler McCormack, OxBlue CEO. “We appreciate Constructech’s recognizing OxBlue for delivering on our dedication.”

OxBlue also made the Constructech 50 in 2015. Besides, OxBlue construction webcams in 2015 obtained the magazine’s inaugural linked equipment Award, which acknowledges hardware that facilitates and enhances connectivity on the jobsite.

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