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Cover imageThis report takes an empirical starting point in a claim that Biacore, a pioneering Swedish producer of affinity biosensors, had been “in the enviable position of making its very own market” (Abelin, 1997). An in-depth example traces how Biacore undertook segmentation activities while shaping industry because of its brand new item technology, affinity biosensors. This involved stabilising the settings of exchange with clients, the item and also the identification regarding the company. The attempts of Biacore highlight a constructive measurement of marketplace segmentation that hitherto has gotten small interest. Without an activity of explaining, deciding and following through, Biacore involved with the progressive building of marketplace segments through an interactive and iterative procedure involving close collaboration with early people. Simultaneously, the marketplace for brand new technology gained shaped. Therefore, the paper reports a ‘markets from systems’ tale illustrating the way the practice of segmenting market may have consequences for that marketplace.


  • Market segmentation;
  • Market shaping;
  • Connection;
  • Markets;
  • Companies

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Debbie Harrison is a co-employee Professor within the division of Strategy and Logistics at Norwegian class of control BI, Oslo, Norway. Her research interests are in the area of inter-organisational connections. She's published papers in regions of system strategizing, the part of contracts in operation relationships, individual communities and resource development in journals such as for example Journal of control Studies, Industrial Marketing Management and analysis plan.

Hans Kjellberg is a co-employee Professor on division of Marketing and Technique at the Stockholm class of Economics. Their analysis interests worry financial organising overall and also the shaping of markets and financial exchanges in particular. He could be at this time heading a project learning boring marketplace practices and how marketing concepts and resources be involved in shaping areas. Earlier publications consist of articles in Industrial advertising Management, sales concept and intake, Markets and Culture.

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